About us


Creating a unique blend of shimmering 60s guitar pop and psychedelic 90s rock, Plotz are spreading their unique take on rock music across Melbourne’s renowned venues. Plotz have been working with producer Tristan Hoogland on their next EP titled ‘From The Universe To You’ which will be released in late 2019. The first single ‘BABY SHAKES’ is due for release in March 2019 with a single launch to follow. Plotz’s versatility has allowed them to share the stage with acts such as: Nicholas Allbrook, Flyying Colours, Fascinator, Mesa Cosa and Pretty City. Plotz are touring their release around Australia throughout 2019.


Vocals, Guitar / Yonatan Rotem
Guitar, Backing Vocals/ Adam Moen

Keyboard, Backing Vocals / Hugh Matthews
Bass / Saskia Clapton
Drums, Backing Vocals / Jacob Linnett



Baby Shakes

by Plotz